To conform with the latest (ASTM) standards for MRI marking, we now supply a new set of labels to properly mark your existing magnetic and non-magnetic supplies and equipment.

Semi-permanent adhesive, split back for easy removal. All packs contain the following combination of MR SAFE, MR CONDITIONAL and MR UNSAFE labels:

  • 4 Labels MR SAFE size small (45mm x 45mm)
  • 10 Labels MR CONDITIONAL size small (45mm x 45mm)
  • 7 Labels MR UNSAFE size small (45mm x 45mm)
  • 4 Labels MR SAFE size medium (90mm x 90mm)
  • 10 Labels MR CONDITIONAL size medium (90mm x 90mm)
  • 7 Labels MR UNSAFE size medium (90mm x 90mm)

Please see the terminology section for definitions of the various terms.


Wardray Premise Ltd cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, and therefore the safety or otherwise, of the items to which these labels are attached. It is the responsibility of the person using these labels to check with the manufacturer of the product into which of the three categories that they fall. Ideally this should be filed in an MRI Safety folder.

The recently updated International Standard F2503-13 for Marking Medical Devices and Other Items for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance Environment states MR Safe - an item which poses no known hazards resulting from exposure to any MR environment. MR Safe items are composed of materials that are electrically nonconductive, non-metallic and nonmagnetic.

Where MR conditional labels are used, it may be necessary to add additional information as to the conditions under which the item may be safely used. If there is any uncertainty then they should be assumed to be “UNSAFE” until information to the contrary can be obtained.

MR Safe

MR Conditional

MR Unsafe