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Functional MRI: MR6300/fMRI

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the Brain, is the use of MRI to observe neural activity in the brain of humans or other animals. It is one of the more recently developed forms of neuroimaging.

Functional Brain Imaging using MRI will non-invasively record brain activity without the risks associated with some other forms of imaging.

We are delighted to introduce this latest technology to our range of MR products.

Our Functional Relax & View Video System (fMRI) interfaces with any PC or Laptop (not provided) with a digital (HDMI) output ensuring a high quality image.

The use of fibre optic technology for the delivery of the signal to the shielded screen enclosure guarantees an artefact free scan.

The displayed image can be inverted and or reversed, so that regardless of the mirror system in use, the patient will always view the displayed image in the correct orientation. The high resolution 1920 x 1080 - 24" wide screen, gives a bright, clear view of the displayed image.

The unit is normally mounted on the wall at the rear of the scanner. This alleviates the problem associated with some projection systems, where a screen is placed between the patient and MRI operative.

As the system is permanently mounted there is no set up required when functional imaging is taking place ensuring an efficient throughput of patients.

The system can be linked into the scanners audio or our own PureSound Audio Relaxation System to provide an audio interface to the patient.

To guarantee warranty and MR safety only trained personnel should undertake any maintenance on these products.
Functional MRI  DVD System
Functional MRI Relax & View® DVD System
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