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Please note this product is no longer available.

A new range of coils has been developed especially for Paediatrics. Through the use of advanced technology they provide an improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) and uniformity, which in turn permits higher resolution imaging.

These coils yield enhanced images that assist clinicians in their diagnosis. Higher resolution scans in shorter scan times reduce patient discomfort and also allows increased scanner throughput.

Neonate Head Coil: MR7100


This coil has been designed to accommodate intubated patients (on a ventilator). A 40 – 100% SNR improvement is seen with this coil compared to a standard OEM coil, without compromising uniformity.

Due to its small size hi-resolution imaging is possible over the neonatal brain without running into SAR issues.

The enhanced SNR and uniformity makes the Neonate Head Coil ideal for volumetric imaging (such as MRI, MRA, DWI and MRS) of the brain and intracranial vasculature of premature and term newborns.

The Neonate Head Coils are compatible with 1.5T and 3.0T scanners from major OEM’s.

To guarantee warranty and MR safety only trained personnel should undertake any maintenance on these products.
Neonate Head Coil
Neonate Head Coil
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