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Please note this product is no longer available.

We are pleased to introduce the Infant Cocoon, a single coil that caters for the needs of infants.

The Infant Cocoon is ideal for high-resolution brain, spine, cardiac and torso MR imaging of pre-term babies and small infants in one patient setting.


High resolution brain, spine, cardiac and torso MR imaging and spectroscopy in the 95th percentile of premature babies, term newborns and young infants ages 0-6 months.


This is a ‘one coil does it all’ for infants. Custom coil design accommodates sick premature babies to young infants. Optimised design offers enhanced signal-to-noise and a high degree of uniformity over the brain, neck, spine, heart, torso and extremities of newborns and young infants.


The infant cocoon is compatible to 1.5 Tesla MR and 3.0 Tesla MR scanners from major manufacturers. The Cocoon is best suited for use with parallel imaging techniques offered by MRI OEM’s.


The infant cocoon package includes the infant head/spine/cardiac array, pads and immobilisation straps to ensure proper positioning without compromising the safety or comfort of the infant.

MR7600 Infant Cocoon
To guarantee warranty and MR safety only trained personnel should undertake any maintenance on these products.
Infant Cocoon: MR7600
Infant Cocoon: MR7600
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