Wardray Premise

Relax & View® Specifications

New Slim line LED Relax & View® Panels have been developed from a new technology using an 8mm LED sheet which is a unified acrylic lit panel containing LEDs as its light source. This creates a slim illuminated plate.

3D V-Cutting technology ensures that the light is evenly reflected throughout the sheet, in essence a clear acrylic panel is etched to create a uniformed chequered effect, this then acts as a vehicle to carry an even light across the whole surface of each panel.

The photo images are placed on to the LED panel. A non-reflective Perspex® sheet is then placed over the image and held in place by an aluminium frame assembly.

Wall units are fitted to the wall using slim hanging brackets. Ceiling images are held between LED panel and non-reflective Perspex® sheet secured by a side fixing frame.

Features include:
  • Slim line
  • Long life: over 70,000 hours
  • Low power consumption: consuming 70% less power than a T5 fluorescent lamp
  • Environmentally friendly: containing no harmful mercury or other heavy metals
Electrical Specification

Panels are linked together inside a junction box powered by mains and switched spur.

If the units are being installed inside an MRI suite, power is filtered using 16 amp RF filters (supplied).

Powered by 12 volt.dc / 12.5amp AC adapter
Input 90 – 240V – 2A,
50 – 60 Hz
 Image Collection Wall Panels
Relax & View® Image Collection
Wall Panels
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