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OxiQuant MC® Room Oxygen Monitor: MR105C

Whilst the number of incidents involving the quench of a magnet is rare, the ability to be able to monitor any leakage of cryogen into the scan room can help to ensure the safety of all involved.

The OxiQuant MC® has been designed to give a warning of depleted oxygen levels in the scan room.

The unit is simple to fit either during the installation of the scanner or afterwards and does not require the scanner to be ramped down. It can be linked into an extraction system to allow automatic switch on if oxygen levels drop.

Continuous sampling of the oxygen content from single or multiple locations within the room are achieved by drawing a steady flow of air across the oxygen fuel cell detector at a predetermined velocity.

The normal oxygen concentration should be 21%. Any variation will be rapidly detected.

The monitor is installed in the Control Room. A rear connected plastic tube is passed through a simple RF waveguide into the examination room. If this is not already provided with the RF cage, the waveguide included in our system is designed to be compatible with all types of cage construction and can be retrofitted with minimal disruption to the operation of the department.

A pair of contacts are fitted within the Monitor to enable the MRI room ventilation system to be activated when the oxygen monitor alarm sounds. The contacts are easily accessed via a four pin socket at the rear of the unit.

The OxiQuant MC® has the following key features:

  • Installed in the control room, there are no serviceable parts inside the examination room.
  • No RF filtration required.
  • Display panel with touch controls.
  • Simple calibration to ensure consistently accurate reading.

Power: 220/240 volt 50Hz; 120 watts controlled by a mains on/off switch.

Display Panel: features the following touch controls:

  • On/off button to switch on the display.
  • Display indicating oxygen level and confirming upper and lower limits.
  • Calibration setting.
  • High and low alarm settings with "up" and "down" keys.
  • Battery and Alarm test keys.
  • Visual and Audio alarm signal with Alarm Silence facility.
  • Automatic alarm for low battery level.
To guarantee warranty and MR safety only trained personnel should undertake any maintenance on these products.
OxiQuant MC® Room Oxygen Monitor
OxiQuant MC® Room Oxygen Monitor
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Height 120mm
Width 410mm
Depth 300mm
Weight 4.5kg