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Radiation Shielding for Diagnostic Radiology, 2012
ISBN 978-0-905749-74-7 (PUBBKRSDR)

Wardray Premise was delighted to contribute to this prestigious publication, which has become the standard for shielding design in the UK. This second edition is designed to be a compendium of information for radiation protection physicists involved in specification of shielding requirements for X-ray facilities.

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With over 70 year’s extensive experience within the field of radiation shielding products and materials, I hope that our contribution to this book has been both informative and comprehensive.

In my career, spanning 53 years, there have been many technological advances. My personal involvement in providing shielding for the test enclosure for the first CT Scanner at EMI in Hayes is one highlight. More recently, Wardray were very proud to shield the UK’s first CyberKnife® Robotic Radio surgery System in London.

In reality, whilst technologies are constantly evolving, radiation shielding designs and standards has seen very little change.

The overriding principle of effective shielding is to provide a safe environment for staff and patients.

Wardray Premise Ltd ensure effective shielding with their company ethos ‘quality without compromise’

Bob Wardley
Wardray Premise Ltd
26th June 2012

Bob Wardley
Bob Wardley