Wardray Premise Ltd were delighted with the feedback they received about their scoliosis chair (XRC100). Andrea Brammer of Central Manchester University Hospital stated that:

“The chair has dramatically improved the patient and family experience for wheelchair patients attending to have their spines imaged at RMCH; the patients feel very safe in this chair. It has also allowed for consistency and improved positioning for patients in chairs.”

Andrea’s product feedback is not just anecdotal. Patients were surveyed and the results speak for themselves:

  • 70% of patients said that they felt very safe and secure when being x-rayed (an increase of 58% when compared to their previous x-ray experiences);
  • 76% of patients rated their experience of a spinal x-ray as very good (an increase of 64% when compared to their previous x-ray experiences); and
  • 94% of patients said that they would prefer to have their next x-ray using the scoliosis chair.

Wardray's scoliosis chair is designed and manufactured in the UK. Its features include:

  • height seat adjustable
  • clear Perspex backrest with no seams
  • both armrests drop down, allowing side way transfer of patients
  • fully adjustable foot rest
  • seat pad and removable backrest made from memory foam
  • side rails on seat back allow full adjustment and positioning of supporting straps

If you would like further information or to arrange a demo please contact Graham Hammond. Email ghammond@wardray-premise.com or telephone 0208 3989911.

Wardray Premise have an extensive range of products for Imaging Departments. Full details are available on this web site. Alternatively, contact staff at the Company’s Head Office.

Scoliosis Chair: XRC100
Scoliosis Chair: XRC100
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