Wardray Premise

General Diagnostic X-ray & Gamma Camera Rooms

Part of the Wardray Premise Total Radiation Shielding Package

General Diagnostic X-ray Rooms


This room is used for taking standard x-rays (e.g. neck, chest, back, limbs). Typical shielding will be 2 mm lead or lead equivalent on the walls. Sometimes, concrete construction of ceilings and floors can be sufficient shielding in those areas. However, specialist RPA advice should always be sought.

Wall shielding

Typically 3 metres high (lead bonded to plasterboard or plywood) and including protection to all service penetrations

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Protection is needed to the complete structural opening and is integrated within the wall shielding. A 1.5 leaf door allows patient access, whilst taking into account the use of trolleys and wheelchairs. An additional single doorset may be included for separate staff access.

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An x-ray screen provides protection for the Radiographer operating the equipment. The screen size and position is designed to meet the room layout. A large lead glass window in the screen gives continued protection and a clear view of the patient.

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Diagnostic X-ray Room
Diagnostic X-ray Room
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Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Rooms (e.g. Gamma Camera)


Radiopharmaceuticals are administered either intravenously or orally and are taken up in the target organ. Gamma cameras or similar detectors capture images from the emitted Gamma-rays. Shielding requirements will be similar to general x-ray rooms except for positron emission tomography (PET) facilities.

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