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We are a leading distributor for Corning Med-X® and Med-Gamma® glass for all types of radiation shielding involving X-ray and Gamma based PET radiation sources.

The production of Corning glass is strictly controlled and is manufactured in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO 9001, the Environmental Standard ISO 14001, and the Health & safety Standard OHSAS 18001.

Corning® Med-X® Glass provides high quality, transparent and safe protective shielding against X-ray radiation for medical, technical and research applications. It’s high lead and barium content and wide range of thickness, provides optimum shielding from equipment operating in the 80 to 300kV range.

Corning® Med-X® glass is suitable for:

  • Viewing windows for X-ray, angiography, and CT scans
  • Screens for medical diagnostics
  • Protection windows in laboratories
  • Airport security X-ray screens.

We carry large bulk stocks of X-ray shielded glass in sheet sizes 2000mm x 1000mm and four thicknesses which give lead equivalents from 1.5mmPb to 3.2mmPb @ 150kV. With our specially designed wall saw we are able to offer a fast ‘cut to order’ service.

Med-Gamma® is also available to special order, providing high quality, transparent and protective shielding from Gamma based radiation at various KeV levels. It is manufactured in physical thicknesses from 7.0/8.5mm to 18/20mm providing respective lead equivalents 2.3mm to 5.9mm @ 511keV, although increased thicknesses (up to 45/53 mm, offering 15mm lead equivalent @ 511keV) can be achieved through lamination process using a 1.5mm interlayer.

Corning® Med-Gamma® glass is suitable for:

  • Occupational protection from PET gamma radiation used in scanning techniques for diagnostics and treatment
  • Cyclotron maintenance

Both types of lead glass can also be provided in sheet sizes up to 2800mm x 1400mm for wide fields of vision. However, please take into consideration the overall weights and handling implications of larger sheet sizes.


Physical Thickness Lead Equivalent @ 150kV Weight
kg per m2
5/6.5mm 1.5mmPb 31.2kg
7/8.5mm 2.1mmPb 40.8kg
8.5/10mm 2.6mmPb 48kg
11/13mm 3.2mmPb 62.4kg


Physical Thickness Lead Equivalent @ 511keV Weight
kg per m2
7/8.5mm 2.3mmPb 40.8kg
8.5/10mm 2.8mmPb 48kg
14/16mm 4.6mmPb 76.8kg
28/32mm 9.3mmPb 153.6kg

Additional Information:

Material Safety Data Sheet Med-X® and Med-Gamma®
Lead Glass
Lead Glass
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Cleaning and Maintenance of Lead Glass


Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning chemicals or cleaning materials as these could damage the surface and leave scratch marks, which cannot be removed. Never allow any liquid cleaning materials to dry on the glass surfaces as this will leave water marks which will be very difficult to remove. Use only mild detergents.

We make the following recommendations:

  • General cleaning for the removal of dust film etc. - use a soft cotton cloth together with isopropyl alcohol and clean in a smooth circular motion.
  • Cleaning of difficult stains - use a mild detergent diluted with water to the manufacturer's recommendations and clean with a soft cotton cloth, and using a further soft cotton cloth, clean with isopropyl alcohol.

Regular cleaning with Wardray’s professional strength Glass Cleaner will ensure surfaces remain clean and clear of any surface grease.

Wardray Glass Cleaner
Wardray Glass Cleaner