Wardray Premise

Premadex® Neutron Shielding

Part of the Wardray Premise Total Radiation Shielding Package

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Premadex® is manufactured as a liquid at 95° to 100°C and can be poured at the factory directly into suitable prepared assemblies, such as glove box panels, neutron source containers and shielding doors. Alternatively, particularly large assemblies can be filled on site by arrangement.

It is also available in block form. Standard blocks are 400mm x 300mm or 280mm x 280mm, either 50mm or 75mm thick. They are easy to trim or cut to shape. Blocks can be produced in non-standard sizes to suit individual requirements.

Installation of  Within a Floor
Installation of Premadex®
Within a Floor
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Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Appearance Opaque creamy white
Coefficient of Expansion (Vol) 2-3 x 10-3K-1
Texture Slightly waxy solid
Thermal Conductivity 0.3-0.4 W m-1 K-1
Density 1.0 g cm-3
Resistance to Acid Excellent
Melting Point 85-90° C
Toxicity LD50 assessed as 15g kg-1
Fire Resistance Non-flammable
Ageing Contains bacteriocides and antioxidants for long term stability.
Heat of Combustion 22MJ kg-1

Elemental Composition

Element Percentage by Weight Concentration (Atoms cm-3)
Hydrogen 11.4 6.81 x 1022
Lithium[1] 1.3 0.11 x 1022
Oxygen 39.9 1.51 x 1022
Carbon 47.4 2.38 x 1022
[1] 6Li 7.30%, 7Li 92.70%