Wardray Premise

Hinged and Sliding Lead Lined Doorsets

Part of the Wardray Premise Total Radiation Shielding Package

To ensure total protection of a structural opening, a complete doorset is essential.

This section contains contain detailed information about the different doorsets supplied by Wardray Premise.

This page also contains further information relating to all door types.

Double Doorset With Unequal Leaves
Double Doorset With Unequal Leaves
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Sliding Door
Sliding Door
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To ensure total protection of a structural opening, a complete doorset is essential.

The construction for both hinged and sliding units will be based on the energy emitted by the x-ray or Gamma source, the structure and shielding composition of the surrounding walls, together with the work procedures of each specific room.

General Construction


All doors have a solid core, lipped on the long edges but with the lead extending to the full door size. Hinged double doorsets with equal or unequal leaves have lead protected meeting stiles.

To ensure the quality and strength of our doorsets, standard door frames and lippings are of hardwood construction.

In addition to our standard design, doorsets can be produced to meet specific customer requirements e.g:

  • to suit existing or new structural openings
  • with frames or linings extended to suit any wall thickness

Doors are either supported on special heavy duty hinges or top hung sliding door gear, complete with pelmet, bottom guides etc.

Lead Thickness


Doorsets used in standard diagnostic applications are generally manufactured using lead to a British Standard (BS) thickness:

Heavier lead lined doorsets are manufactured for industrial or radiotherapy use. The construction techniques are different and it will be necessary to use heavy duty pivots or sliding door gear, with particular attention paid to shielding across the door threshold and into the floor.

Read More: Heavy Duty Lead Lined Doors for Industrial Use
British Standard Lead Thickness
Code 3 1.32mm
Code 4 1.80mm
Code 5 2.24mm
Code 6 2.65mm
Code 7 3.15mm
Code 8 3.55mm

Optional Additional Ironmongery


Locks, lever furniture, pull handles, door closers, push, kick and trolley plates can be included. Other ironmongery supplied (subject to suitability) as a free issue will be fitted on request for a separate charge.



Doorsets are available primed for paint, veneered hardwood sealed for finishing or plastic laminate. The lipping can be extended to all edges. Door frames and linings are available in a range of timbers. The profiles can be lined with Acrovyn® or similar protective plastic but limitation apply to certified fire doors.

Lead Glass Vision Panels


These are supplied to a lead equivalent equal to that specified for the doors and can include Vistamatic vision panels or blinds if required.

Enquiry Guide


To help us provide an accurate quotation please supply the following information with your enquiry:

  • If available, a drawing or dimensioned sketch.
  • Lead thickness, usually expressed in millimetres or British Standard (BS) code.
  • Are the doors single or double leaves.
  • Frame construction and required finish. Standard frame is Ash. Other finishes are available.
  • Are doors to open "in to" or "out of" the room.
  • The structural opening size if available or door size required.
  • Is power operation required (we recommend a risk assessment is carried out to establish this requirement). Automated systems can be supplied for both hinged and sliding doors and include full safety systems.
  • Confirm handing or sliding arrangement.
  • Wall thickness and construction. We will make allowance for any protective panelling that we supply.
  • Hinged doorsets only:- is there a 30min or 60min fire rating requirement.
  • Sliding door assemblies only:- please confirm that there is sufficient wall clearance around the structural opening.
  • Finish: primed for painting, veneered hardwood sealed for finishing or plastic laminate.
  • Other options e.g. power operation, windows, ventilation grilles, kick plates, furniture, etc.
  • Supply of goods only or supply and install by our own professional installation team.
  • Are doorsets to be manufactured using FSC/PEFC certified materials. The following finishes are readily available: Ash, Euro Oak, Beech, Steamed Beech or Maple, plus primed for painting. Other finishes are available on request.