Wardray Premise

X-ray Protective Lower Back Shields

Ultraflex® Lower Back Shields have a multi-layer construction and are supplied in any of the standard Ultraflex® colours. Three sizes are available: small (30cm x 30cm), medium (40cm x 40cm) and large (45cm x 45cm). All are protected with 0.50mm Pb. The edges are bound and the detachable belt has a velcro fastening.

Ref Size Width Height
587 Small 30cm 30cm
588 Medium 40cm 40cm
589 Large 45cm 45cm

Please add one of the following codes to indicate the required colour.

Ref Colour
RB  Royal Blue
PP  Poppy
CS  Crocus
AH  Ash

  • 588/CL (Medium Lower Back Shield, Claret)
  • 589/RB (Large Lower Back Shield, Royal Blue)
Lower Back Shields
Lower Back Shields
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