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X-ray Protective Clothing

Wardray protective clothing is a popular choice for health professionals. The Classic range, incorporating the conventional single piece Half Back Apron and Top & Kilt, has evolved after years of consultation with end users.

Our garments are designed to provide protection, comfort, style and durability. Protection is available in either 0.25mm Pb, 0.35mm Pb or 0.50mm Pb. Please consult your Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) to establish the correct level of protection required.

The Classic range is ideal for use in all hospital departments, including theatres and is available with a single (SC) or double (DC) shoulder clip for easy removal.

Protective clothing can be cleaned by wiping away stains as soon as possible. Outer coverings can be wiped with warm water and mild detergent. (Please note: patterned fabrics are not recommended for theatre use)

  • Classic Double Sided Apron - designed for comfort, our most advanced apron offers maximum shielding with minimum weight.
  • Classic Half Back - a slightly lighter apron offering full front and partial side protection.
  • Classic Top and Kilt - separate top (a short version of the Classic Double Sided Apron) and wrap-around kilt distribute weight across shoulders, waist and hips.
  • Apron Storage - hangers, brackets, mobile stand and rails for storing aprons.

This page also contains further general information relating to all aprons.

Ultraflex® X-ray Apron
X-ray Apron
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  • Innovative design - Aprons are designed with a specially adjustable belt that tightens on the waist lifting weight from the shoulders.
  • Bespoke Service - All Wardray protective clothing is made to order. Customers can choose from a wide variety of sizes, lengths, colour combinations and a choice of double or single shoulder clips.
  • Manufactured to Last Wardray protective clothing is manufactured to last. Products are guaranteed for a year from date of delivery and covers material defects and faulty workmanship. However, with correct care, we expect them to last much longer. We still have functional, safe garments in use in departments that were purchased over 10 years ago, proving excellent value for money.

Apron Colours

All aprons are available in the six standard Ultraflex colours. Samples are available on request. You can choose the same colour or a contrasting colour for the apron edging.

Ref Colour
RB  Royal Blue
PP  Poppy
CS  Crocus
AH  Ash



We offer a personalised labelling service on all new orders of Aprons and Top & Kilts for a small charge. These labels (small or large) will identify your protective clothing either by department or individual.

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your requirements.

Customised Aprons

Customised Aprons

Customised Aprons
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Apron Comfort and Care


In choosing Wardray X-ray protective clothing, you select a comfortable and durable product, designed to give many years of reliable service.

Wearing Aprons

Whilst manufacturers aim to use the lightest weight material, aprons are, of necessity, designed to provide protection against scattered radiation.

To obtain maximum comfort and protection we recommend the four simple fitting instructions. This will ensure that the weight is properly distributed between your waist and shoulders.

  1. Rest apron on the shoulders (securing the shoulder clips where applicable) making sure that the garment is equally balanced at the front and back.
  2. Extend the belt length and secure the buckle, so that the belt is a loose fit.
  3. Tuck each side of the back section of the apron behind the front section.
  4. Pull the free end of the belt tight, so that the apron is securely fitted at the waist.

Size of Aprons

Irrespective of claims of light or lighter weight material, careful selection of the correct size for the wearer is of critical importance and we strongly recommend that a choice of sizes is provided in the interest of health and safety.

Care of aprons


Do not fold or crease your aprons. We recommend that you use Apron storage from our range.


Keep your aprons clean by wiping away stains as soon as possible. Outer coverings may be wiped with warm water with mild detergent.

Do not autoclave or use spirit based cleaning fluids.

Secure Buckle
Secure Buckle
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Tuck in Sides
Tuck in Sides
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Tighten Belt
Tighten Belt
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X-ray Attenuation


The following table shows the X-ray attenuation at 70kV and 105kV for the three British Standard lead equivalent thicknesses in mm of Pb, as used in our range of Ultraflex® aprons: 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.50mm.

Attenuation measurements for Ultraflex® aprons were undertaken by Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, at St George's Hospital, London. A copy of the full report is available on request.

Lead Equivalent
(mm of Pb)
% at 70kV % at 105kV
0.25 97 +/- 2 90 +/- 2
0.35 98 +/- 2 94 +/- 2
0.50 99 +/- 2 97 +/- 2