Wardray Premise

Contour Sink

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

This contour sink has been specifically designed to accommodate the particularly large roller units of automatic X-ray processors.

It has a chemical resistant surface and a 40mm waste outlet is included together with a removable standpipe extending 175mm from the base. This is positioned to the rear, 60mm from side and back edge. A base liner is included to prevent scratch marks on the plastic surface. A tap mixer with swivel spout and hose attachment is offered as an optional accessory.

The sink is 700mm wide x 450mm deep x 175 mm high with a 25mm flange around all edges. It is available in left or right hand models. Please advise when ordering.

CTSBF18/L Sink with standpipe and base liner (left hand)
CTSBF18/R Sink with standpipe and base liner (right hand)
CTSBF19 Tap mixer with hose attachment
CTSBF16 Replacement base liner for sink
Contour Sink Unit
Contour Sink Unit
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