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Film Storage Hopper

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Film storage hoppers are manufactured to stand independently or to be fitted within a series of bench units. We are able to provide a matching range of cupboards to special order on request.

Exteriors are faced in white plastic laminate, interiors matt black. All models have a brown plastic safety bar handle. A micro-switch is fitted, wired in PVC insulated and sheathed 1mm flat TWE cable to a mains connector.

This should be connected into the white light circuit. When the hopper is opened the white light is extinguished, preventing the unexposed film in the hopper from fogging. The safelights within the darkroom should be on a separate circuit.

Film Hopper
Film Hopper
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CT7M: Standard Model


The layout of the standard model CT7M is illustrated below. Overall size 870mm high x 500mm wide x 445mm deep.

CT7M Film Hopper Layout
13cm x 18cm 24cm x 30cm
30cm x 40cm
18cm x 43cm or 20cm x 40cm 18cm x 24cm
35.6cm x 35.6cm
35.6cm x 43.2cm

We would be pleased to quote for alternative layouts and capacities on request. The overall height may be reduced from 870mm to 770mm by removal of the plinth.

Please Note: For stability when the hopper front is open, it is essential that the unit is securely fixed to the floor or under a bench top.

Electrical Specification


The outlet socket is a Bulgin 5 amp. 2 pole appliance coupler for maximum 250 volt working.

The female socket (Ref: SA1861) fitted within the hopper has a male plug (Ref: SA2111) for connecting to the white light supply.

The socket is positioned in the back of the unit, located centrally and 750mm from the floor. It is connected by a PVC insulated and sheathed 1mm flat TWE cable to a plunger activated, panel mounted Micro-switch which has a 15 amp rating (R S Components Stock No. 319-916).