Wardray Premise

Positioning and Scaling

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Wardray Premise now supply a range of positioning and scaling accessories.

Lateral Cassette Holders


For plain / CR cassettes hold any size cassette with or without grids. These cassette holders increase stability, reduces retakes and saves both time and cost.

Features include:
  • Fast, stable, versatile
  • Smooth, easily cleaned surface assists in infection control
  • Avoids bulky stands, sandbags or patient assistance
  • Plain or CR cassettes up to 26mm thick
  • Holds cassettes horizontally or vertically
  • Use freestanding, on radiography or trauma/ER tables
  • Ideal for Trauma, Orthopaedic, ICU and GI lateral radiography
  • Customised versions available on request

Switchable Magnetic Cassette Holder

Offering the same simple, hygienic and versatile positioning as the lateral cassette holder. Allows improved stability and holding force for high value DR direct digital imaging cassettes.

Features include:
  • Patented mechanism allows firm holding force from super strength magnets but simple repositioning
  • Use with 600 x 300mm baseplate (supplied)
  • Compatible with MagiCal and MagiLoungue hip-scaling ball and long length orthopaedic rulers
XRA/LCH09 Lateral Cassette Holder for / CR
XRA/LCH09XL Lateral Cassette Holder for plain / CR with extra high posts with spacer pegs
XRA/LCHDR Lateral Cassette Holder for 25mm DR wireless detector plate
XRA/DRX–1 Lateral Cassette Holder for Carestream DRX - 1 wireless detector plate
Lateral Cassette Holder: XRA/LCH09
Lateral Cassette Holder: XRA/LCH09
Magnetic Cassette Holder: XRA/LCHDR
Magnetic Cassette Holder: XRA/LCHDR

MagiCal™ Ball Scaling Device


For calibration of hip and knee radiographs. Hygienic and easy to clean, with minimum moving parts and radiolucent arm. Comprising of a Solid hardened ball for sharp edge definition and accurate diameter.

Features include:
  • Patented Magnetic base allows use of bags as hygienic covers
  • Compatible with MRAYTM Lateral Cassette Holder base LCH-09
  • Full ball diameter accessible for easy calibration / measurement
  • Metric or Imperial ball sizes available to suit your templating software
  • Supplied with small, stable antibacterial base plate

Contact us for custom sizes or any special requirements.

XRA - MGC MagiCal™ Ball scaling device for hips & knees. Ball diameter 25mm or 30mm
MagiCal™ Ball Scaling Device
MagiCal™ Ball Scaling Device

MagiLongue™ Super Lightweight X-ray Rule


Simple adjustment mechanism to position rule along bone axis, at any height and angle for accurate long length measurement.

Features include:
  • 2mm diameter radiopaque markers every 1cm along length
  • Hygienic & easy to clean, minimum moving parts, radiolucent mechanism
  • Compatible with MRAYTM Lateral Cassette Holder base LCH-08 and MagiCal™ hipscaling ball devices
  • Supplied with small, stable antibacterial baseplate
  • 5cm to 17.5cm adjustable pivot height

Contact us for custom lengths or any special requirements.

XRA - MGL MagiLongue™ super lightweight x-ray rule includes 60cm and 1m rule
MagiLongue™ Super Lightweight X-ray Rule
MagiLongue™ Super Lightweight X-ray Rule