Wardray Premise

Two & Three Step Platforms

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Combination Step & Platform Positioning Device

The unique design of the step platforms permits efficient and accurate x-rays of knees, ankle, feet and the lower leg (lateralmedial, medial-lateral or anteriorposterior). The platforms place the patient in the optimum position for easy capture of the highest quality weight-bearing and non weight bearing x-ray images.

Both two step and three step platforms are available. Safety grab bars on all units provide stability. The three step platform has the additional benefit of optional additional side rail(s) for extra security when x-raying elderly, very young or vulnerable patients.

Features include:
  • Suitable for patients up 204kg (450lbs)
  • Keeps patient’s foot close to the image plate as possible to ensure high quality images
  • Three film placement locations provide great versatility in posing the patient for optimal images
  • Designed for use with bucky or fixed cassette
  • Easily portable with built in rollers and grab bars
  • Manufactured from germ resistant, non-porous polyethylene in line with infection control procedures
Dimensions: 2-Step Platform
Height 394mm
Width 495mm
Length 432mm
Dimensions: 3-Step Platform
Height 610mm
Width 495mm
Length 432mm

XRA200 Two Step Platfiorm
XRA200/3 Three Step Platform
XRA200/3/1H Three Step Platform (1 side rail)
XRA200/3/2H Three Step Platform (2 side rails)
2 Step Platform
2 Step Platform
3 Step Platform
3 Step Platform
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