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TOF-Watch® Monitor

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Wardray Premise is pleased to have been appointed the UK and Ireland Distributor for the TOF-Watch®.

The TOF-Watch® series offers an accurate and reliable method of objective acceleromyographic (AMG) monitoring of neuromuscular blockade that overcomes the limitations of subjective monitoring.

Patients monitored with a TOF-Watch® experienced a significantly lower incidence of residual blockade train of four (TOF) <0.9 when compared with patients monitored subjectively by clinical exam alone or with a peripheral nerve simulator lacking an objective display.

This amounts to 30% for those monitored subjectively, to 4.5% with the TOF-Watch®.

Recovery to a TOF<0.9 has been associated with a wide range of side effects. The TOF-Watch® helps ensure patients are recovered to a TOF>0.9 before extubation.

In addition to being able to be used in various clinical settings, the TOF-Watch® can be used at various anatomical sites, depending on the needs of surgery. The most common site for TOF measurement is the abductor pollcis (thumb).

Alternative sites for measurement are the orbicularis oculi or the corrugator supercilli, above the eye, and the flexor hallucis brevis muscle, at the toe.

The TOF-Watch® series consists of 2 models, TOF-Watch® and TOF-Watch® SX. Both accurately measure the depth of Neuromuscular blockade to help assess:

  • Onset time of neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA’s)
  • The need for administration of maintenance doses of NMBA’s
  • When to administer a reversal agent
  • When to safely extubate

All models offer the following features:

  • Train of Four (TOF)
  • Postletanic count (PTC)
  • Single twitch (ST) 1 or 0.1Hz
  • Double burst stimulation (DBS) 3.3 or 3.2
  • Tetanus (TET) 50 or 100Hz
  • Stimulation current (0-60mA at impedance < 5KOhm)
  • Stimulation pulse width monophasic 200us
  • Calibration with user set current
  • Automatic power off after 2 hours of no operation
  • Nerve localization LA (1Hz stimulation) current 0-6mA impedance <5KOhm Pulse width 40us monophasic.

TOF-Watch® Monitor

TOF-Watch® Monitor

TOF-Watch® Monitor
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Key Features of the TOF-Watch®

Stimulation Patterns TOF-Watch® TOF-Watch® SX
Train-of-four (TOF)
Post-tetanic count (PTC)
Single Twitch (ST) - 1 or 0.1 Hz
Double-burst stimulation (DBS) - 3.3 or 3.2
Tetanus (TET) - 50 or 100 Hz
Slow TOF (TOFs) programmable from 1 to 60 min  
Stimulation current (0-60mA at impedance ≤ 5 kOhm)
Stimulation pulse width monophasic 200 μs
Stimulation pulse width monophasic 300 μs  
Calibration with user-set current
Calibration with automatically set supramaximal current  
Manual transducer sensitivity setting  
User programmable upper and lower TOF/TOFs alarms (OFF, count, or % TOF)  
Automatic power switch off (after 2 hours of no operation)
Surface temperature sensor (20°C - 41.5°C)  
Interface for data upload to PC (fibre-optic to USB line)  
Nerve localisation - LA (1 Hz stimulation)
  • - Current 0-6mA
  • Impedance ≤ 5 kOhm
  • - Pulse width 40 μs monophasic

TOF 2510004

Basic model

TOF 2510003

For TOF-Watch® SX (with TOF repetition time intervals, surface sensor for monitoring skin temperature, and ability to connect with Philips Monitors)