Wardray Premise

Super Slim Weiko Viewers

No Longer Available

Please note this product is no longer available.

Wardray Premise are delighted to offer a state of the art super slim x-ray viewer designed for the modern hospital.

Using the latest LCD TV technology, Weiko viewers offer a flicker free, uniform light across the screen reducing eye fatigue.

Viewers are available as single, double or four way wall mounted panels. Single viewers can be purchased as desk mounted units.

Features include:
  • Super energy efficient
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • 50,000 hours without maintenance
  • Fully adjustable screen on desktop unit
  • Super slim at 3cm (9cm less than standard models)
  • Integrated film grip
  • Conforms with the latest EC regulations
  • Chassis manufactured in anti-scratch anodized aluminium
Economic Advantages

The Weiko requires less electricity, meeting EU regulations regarding the reduction of energy consumption.

It has a lamp life of 50,000 hours vastly reducing maintenance expenditure.

Operative advantages

The Weiko emits a light more suitable to read x-ray film. The elimination of flickering reduces radiologist eye fatigue. A more uniformed lighting diffusion is achieved with a 3500 cd/mq luminance.

Super Slim Weiko Viewer 2 Panel (WS2S)
Super Slim Weiko Viewer
2 Panel (WS2S)
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Super Slim Weiko Viewer 1 Panel Desktop (WS1S)

Super Slim Weiko Viewer 1 Panel Desktop (WS1S)

Super Slim Weiko Viewer
1 Panel Desktop (WS1S)
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Technical Specification


Available as single desk mounted unit. Single, double or four panel wall mounted units.

Type Code No. Switches Viewing Area (mm) External Dimensions (mm) Net Weight (kg) Temperature of Colour (°K)
Width Height Width Height Depth
1 Panel Desktop WS1S - desk 1 360 420 457 515 30 6 7200
1 Panel WS1S 1 360 420 457 505 30 4 7200
2 Panel WS2S 1 720 420 817 505 30 8 7200
4 Panel * WS4S 1 1440 420 1537 505 30 16 7200
4 Panel * WS4S(2) 2 1440 420 1537 505 30 16 7200

* Available to special order.