Wall and Ceiling mounted Shields with Lead Glass or Premac® Lead Acrylic

These are available Wall or Ceiling Mounted with the additional option of a compact ceiling trolley system allowing the shield to be stored away from the x-ray tube when not in use.

Both styles have a suspension arm extending to a maximum of 1660mm allowing free movement whilst holding the shield in a stable position. The windows can be rotated to any suitable angle.

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  • Ref:350 - 1.5mm lead equivalent complete with curtains fitted to the lower edge.
  • Ref:354 - 0.5mm lead equivalent, curtains optional.
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Kenex Overhead Suspension Shield Ref:350


An easy to move lead glass shield with 2.0mm Pb equivalent. It has a flexible protective curtain with 0.50mm Pb equivalent attached to the lower edge.

This shield is available as 300mm x 400mm or 400mmx 500mm. Different curtain lengths are available.

Overhead Suspension Shield Ref:350
Overhead Suspension
Shield Ref:350
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Kenex Overhead Suspension Shield Ref:354


The 0.5mm lead acrylic shield with ball and socket joint can be positioned at any angle and placed over the patient for maximum protection.

The decision to locate the cut out on the left or right can be made during installation according to its intended use.

Optional, flexible 0.5mm Pb curtains can be factory fitted to either version. A variety of sizes are available.

Overhead Suspension Shield Ref:354
Overhead Suspension
Shield Ref:354
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Ordering Guide

Type Ref: 350 Ref: 354
Window size
300mm high x 400mm wide
Window size
400mm high x 500mm wide
Corner Cut-out No Cut-out
Static ceiling mounted 350/34-001 350/45-001 354/P/76-001 354/76-001
Trolley and 2500mm track 350/34-003 350/45-003 354/P/76-003 354/76-003
Wall mounted 350/34-005 350/45-005 351/P/68-005 351/68-005
Optional Curtain - Add Included Included 354/P/LR 354/LR/61