Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000


The XRT4000 trolley has been specifically designed and developed for use in Accident & Emergency and Imaging Departments.

The trolley is electronically operated, constructed from lightweight material that is designed to withstand the rigours of hospital life.

The trolley can accommodate conventional cassettes and digital technology, ensuring that new trolleys are not required as imaging equipment is upgraded.

The patient is able to remain on one trolley during transportation, treatment and X-ray. This saves time, money and minimises the risk of patient and staff injury as the need to transfer the patient from one trolley to another is negated.

The trolley is available in both Adult and Paediatric (XRT4000/P) versions.

XRT4000 trolleys have the following features as standard:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 177Kg/390lbs (28 stone)
  • Can be used with conventional, digital and ‘C’ arm equipment
  • X-ray facility for the whole length of the table top
  • Minimum table height of 725mm, to a maximum height of 1025mm
  • Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg
  • Four IV socket positions
  • Drop down cot sides
  • 6 position manually operated back rest
  • 50mm mattress with welded seams, to aid infection control procedures
  • 200mm castors, operated by means of foot bars, with directional lock
  • Bucky can be removed for ‘C’ arm use

Optional Extras

  • Additional handsets for electrical operation of the table
  • Foot or head mounted monitor stand
  • Memory Foam and Pressure Relief mattresses
  • Power assisted backrest (please note that this will reduce the amount of table length that can be X-rayed)
  • Customised paintwork from our stock RAL colour range, to ensure that the trolley is easily identifiable
  • Patient’s belongings tray (note: restricts C-arm access)
  • Oxygen cylinder holder for E size cylinder
Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000

Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000

Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000

Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000

Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000

Multi Imaging Table: XRT4000
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Length 2160mm
Overall Width 700mm
Table Width 575mm
Table Minimum Height 725mm
Table Maximum Height 1025mm
Distance from bucky to table top 90mm

General Transport Trolleys: GT1501 & GT1501/P

Top new

The General Transport Trolleys are light, easily manoeuvrable and robust enough to withstand the rigours of daily use.

The trolleys can be manufactured in any RAL colour.

Adult and Paediatric versions available.

Features include:
  • Trendelenberg
  • Collapsible or drop down cot sides with protective bumpers for patient safety
  • Gas sprung adjustable backrest
  • Corner buffering for protection
  • IV pole with four fixing points
  • Optional oxygen cylinder holder
  • Fixed table height manufactured to customer specification (within a range of 700mm to 1100mm)
GT1501 General Transport Trolley
GT1501/P Paediatric Transport Trolley
General Transport Trolley GT1501
General Transport Trolley GT1501
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