Picture 1 of Safeview Patient CCTV Camera (7 Tesla version)

Picture 1/1Safeview Patient CCTV Camera (7 Tesla version)


This system has been specifically designed for use in the MR environment where it may be difficult to view the patient, either due to room layout or for other operational reasons.

The shielded camera enclosure is designed to be mounted on the wall usually to the rear of the scanner. The 470 line colour camera unit comes fitted with a varifocal lens.

The full colour, 15” LCD display panel is sited in a convenient location in the scanner control room.

The system utilises fibre optic technology so that there is no risk of artefacts on the scan.

  • The complete system consists of:
  • Shielded camera assembly.
  • 15” full colour LCD display panel.
  • Fibre optic receiver unit.
  • Fibre optic cable.
  • 2 x 12v power supplies for camera and FO receiver.
  • Pre terminated power supply cable.
  • Power filter unit
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