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The PureSound II MRI Audio System (MR200) replaces the popular and successful PureSound I.

The new unit is easily interchangeable with the original Puresound I system, with key components remaining unchanged. (eg headsets and acoustic converter). It was developed following customer suggestions and incorporates an easy to use format and modern electronics. The new unit has multi-voltage input for easy installation worldwide without any modification; it also has lower power consumption than the Puresound I system.

The Puresound II has inputs for iPod/MP3 players as well as CD and radio. There are separate volume controls for music and microphone, allowing easy communication with the patient from the Control Room. The unit comes supplied with large over the head headsets and small “in ear” style headsets (suitable for use in all headcoils).

The new unit comes supplied with all cables, filters and a fitting kit for a quick and simple installation and is compatible for use with all MRI scanners and the Wardray Relax & View Video System.

The provision of music during an MRI examination is acknowledged as a most useful relaxation aid for the sometimes apprehensive patient. This system provides a high quality stereo signal into the examination room without interfering with the scanner.

This system is designed to operate from a stereo signal received from the line or headset output of any standard CD player, cassette deck or radio tuner.

The Amplifier and Control unit has four phono inputs at the rear which are made active when the corresponding input switch is selected. A multi-way socket links to a termination box which is located outside the examination room.

One cable, carrying all signal and supply connections is fed into the examination room via four appropriate electrical filters and connected to the stereo acoustic converter. The airline from the acoustic converter is coupled to either a noise excluding headset or a lightweight headset (both are included).

The termination box also allows connection to speakers in the examination room, waiting room or control area.

This system can be integrated with the Relax & View® Video Relaxation System to offer the complete solution for patient relaxation in MRI.

  • The standard system consists of:
  • Amplifier and Control unit with on/off mains switch and warning light.
  • Integrated microphone plus separate external microphone allowing contact with Examination or Waiting Room.
  • Termination Box.
  • Stereo Acoustic Converter.
  • All relevant plugs, screened cables, etc.
  • In ear earphones with 50 sets of replaceable ear tips and headset with 100 sets of hygiene covers
  • Microphone Volume Control and separate controls to headset and speakers.
  • Music on/off switch allowing selection of music before reproduction in other areas.
  • Control room volume adjustment.
  • Serviceable parts outside scan room


MR Rating
Amplifier/Control Unit with on/off mains switch MR Unsafe
Microphone MR Unsafe
Headset MR Safe
Lightweight Headset MR Safe
Stereo Acoustic Converter MR Conditional to 3 Tesla
iPod Dock MR Unsafe

Optional Extras

  • Optional additional items include:
  • Replacement headset covers and headset earpieces.
  • Electrical filters complete with mounting plate ( 2 pairs of filters are required to be fitted in the cage wall).
  • Cabinet or Ceiling Speakers ( Speakers must have 8 ohms impedance ).