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This mobile unit has been designed for use in the confined area close to an X-ray table.

The lead acrylic window has a lead equivalent of 0.50mm Pb. It is 700mm wide and the internal counter balance allows adjustment from a height of 1900mm for complete protection lowering to 1150mm for access to the patient.

The lower panel has a lead equivalent of 1.0mm Pb and is supported on good quality legs and castors. Factory fitted rails are available as optional extras for attaching hand controls, to allow the user to work within the safe zone created by the shield.

Two standard sizes are available with rail dimensions of 8mm x 25mm x 769mm, and 10mm x 25mm x 769mm. Other sizes are available to special order on request.


Width 700mm
Height 1900-1150mm (adjustable)

Optional Extras