Magnetic Shielding for MRI Rooms

The addition of magnetic shielding to MR suites will depend on the type of MRI equipment and the location of the site.

If the proposed location of the scanner allows the 0.5 gauss line of the magnetic field to extend outside the room this can have serious implications; affecting members of the public with implants or pacemakers, Causing disturbance to TVs, computer monitors, ultrasound scanners, etc.

In addition, interference to the operation of the MR scanner may be caused by traffic, lift shafts or any other moving object with a high level of ferrous magnetic metals.

In both instances, unless the room can be re-located, magnetic shielding is the only option. The need for this will be based on the position of the magnet within the room and the areas outside to be shielded.

The introduction of a ferrous metal with a high permeability will contain the magnetic field (e.g. galvanised, low carbon or silicone steel) by distorting the magnetic field.

This may cause the gauss line to extend outside another part of the room. Therefore it is necessary to undertake a complete survey using a range of multiple finite element calculations to achieve an optimum shielding performance.

This simulation will identify the thickness of the material to be used and the extent of the shielding required in specified wall, ceiling and floor areas.

We would be pleased to provide a full survey, complete specification and quotation for the supply and installation of this work on request.

To undertake this survey it is necessary to provide full details of the proposed room layout from the equipment manufacturer, together with details of the host room and its relative position to the surrounding facilities.

Magnetic shieldingMagnetic shielding

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